As a ParkMan user, you already know the basic (and awesome!) things that you can do with our parking app: see parking areas on the map, see the rates, extend or end parking whenever and pay for parking with one tap. In short, an overall improvement of the parking experience. (For a more concrete breakdown of the “traditional” parking experience, check our previous blog post).

There are, however, some excellent features that you may not necessarily have know about, or not made use of yet. Let’s correct that!

1. You can see where you left your car

You know when you’re circling the block looking for your car, and suddenly every corner looks the same? And your car is nowhere to be seen. Or when you step out of the department store after some hardcore shopping and you just cannot remember even your own name, let alone where your car is. Well, enter our navigation back to your car. The app shows you where you left off, and the shortest route back there. Problem solved.

2. You can get a reminder to stop parking

So, you put ParkMan on, and start going on about your day. At some point you get back to your car, and start driving home. In the evening when you lie in your bed, it suddenly hits you: parking time is still running. As we are all human, this can happen sometimes. With ParkMan, though it doesn’t have to ever happen. When you get back to your car, the app will remind you to turn off the parking time.

3. You can see empty parking spaces other drivers have just left

When you open the map on our parking app, you see green dots hovering on the screen. What are they? Well, those are parking spots that have just been vacated by another ParkMan user! The green dots are there to let you know that there is a spot available right there and then. What’s more, you can see the precise time when the spot became available, so you can estimate whether it’s worth going for.

4. You can help others find parking spaces

So, about those green dots. Did you realize that you are also one of them? Whenever you leave a spot, other ParkMan users can see it on their screens. Thus, you’re helping them get a better parking experience, just like they help you!

5. You can earn free parkings

Because we all love ParkMan so much, we have made it super easy for you to recommend us to your friends and family. We’ve also thrown in a personal promo code, so that for new members you recruit to the happy ParkMan family, we give you a free parking valued up to 10 €! Oh, and that new user you invited gets a free parking too. By using and sharing promo codes, you can earn up to five of these wonderful free-of-charge parking sessions.

There will be more!

We’re constantly coming up with new features and ways for you to benefit from our app and get the most out of it. Stay tuned for future updates, so that you can always know all the fantastic things you can do with ParkMan. We’ve got pretty cool stuff coming!

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