Efficient traffic flow in busy travel hotspots.

Airports and harbors handle a huge amount of traffic each day. A passenger’s experience should be great, and one way of ensuring that is making parking as easy as possible.

Passengers often either arrive by car or drop others off at airports and harbors. Thus, there is a need for long-term and short-term parking, both of which have different needs:

  • Long-term parking needs to be reliable, so that passengers feel safe leaving their cars.
  • Short-term parking must be quick and easy to use.

With ParkMan, you can be sure that finding and paying for parking is convenient for your visitors. Using ParkMan as the parking app of your lot, you increase your trusthworthiness among drivers. Payment is simple and can be done with just a few taps of the phone.

ParkMan makes parking management easy. We provide you with useful reporting features and allow you to steer traffic where you want it by making use of dynamic pricing.

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