Since 2011, ParkMan has been on a mission to make parking more convenient for drivers while helping parking operators increase their revenue. However, ParkMan has been very limited to street parking. Our biggest customers are cities who want to make street parking more convenient. We have repeatedly asked ourselves and our clients during the years: How can we offer the best possible parking garage experience? 

Today we are pleased to announce a significant collaboration that will make parking a smooth experience in garages around Finland.

Consumers can now use their favorite app in EuroPark’s garages

ParkMan is extremely proud to work with EuroPark, who we consider one of Finland’s most innovative and consumer-centric parking operators. EuroPark has worked closely with the Norwegian company 2park that builds automatic number plate recognition systems. Their effort has produced a flexible access control system where customers use their favorite app for payment in garages. Through a collaboration between EuroPark, Autopay, and ParkMan, consumers can now choose to pay for their parking with the ParkMan app in all garages operated by EuroPark. 

How does it work?

EuroPark garages are based on a free-flow principle, meaning users can drive in and out of the garage without tickets or having to stop at barrier gates. 

  1. Enter the garage: No gates in the way and no ticket needed. Just drive in. The vehicle’s license plate is logged into the autopay system.
  1. Users can choose to pay with their favorite parking app. There is no need to have five parking apps on your phone anymore.
  1. Exit the garage: Again, no gates. Just drive out. The final price is calculated, and you receive a push notification.

Where is it available?

This new user experience is available in all EuroPark parking facilities in Helsinki, Turku, Joensuu, Kerava, Rovaniemi, and Espoo. The integration is making parking smoother and user-friendlier than ever before.

How can landlords and parking operators benefit from a modular system?

At ParkMan, we believe that this is the future. Parking operators and landlords will build modular systems that allow car drivers to find and pay for parking through their favorite app or user interface. This approach will prepare the landlord and parking operator for the future, allowing the operator to be in a powerful position. Rather than relying on one system provider, the operator and landlord can negotiate better terms with multiple payment apps and ensure that innovation continues. We believe it’s in the best interest of landlords and operators to strive for these modular systems. 

The Danish market is moving in the same direction.

In Denmark, we are working with our biggest parking operator clients to offer a similar experience. More information coming soon!

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