Organizing an event? Let your visitors know where they can park.

Music festivals, exhibitions, trade shows, sports events. Many people come to events by car, and parking can be a nightmare.

What if, before arriving, people already knew where they were going to park? Maybe you’d like to have a VIP parking area right next to the event, and charge a parking fee in that area. Maybe you want to inform event guests about free parking areas that exist nearby.

With ParkMan, you can:

  • Communicate the location of parking areas to guests
  • Inform guest easily about available paid and free parking
  • Set prices and enable easy payment
  • Partner up with local parking companies for event parking management

Make arrival convenient for guests, and give the best possible event experience!

ParkMan is a digital parking solution that helps you manage your event parking in the best possible way: effortless set-up, more revenue, happier guests and easy, cost-effective payments. When parking is taken care of, you can focus on the event.

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