The city wants to improve the availability of parking spaces by turning some spaces into paid parking. Espoo takes a big digital leap and only allows parking payments by phone, text message or via application.

Pay for parking with ParkMan in Espoo – Easy 🙂

The City of Espoo in Finland has chosen ParkMan as its partner, meaning the ParkMan application can be used in all paid parking areas operated by the City of Espoo from the 10th of May 2021. The initial agreement lasts for a year, after which it is possible to continue the cooperation should the City of Espoo wish to do so.

“We are grateful that the City of Espoo chose ParkMan as its partner. Espoo is special and unique in that parking fees can only be paid by phone. So there will be no old-time parking meters. It is, of course, an interesting thing for us and great that the city of Espoo has chosen this line.”

ParkMan’s CEO Matias Lindroos sums up the new cooperation with Espoo.

How does ParkMan work?

The user experience is familiar to those who have already used the ParkMan app in the past in other locations. We also want to welcome new users, so here’s a helpful quick start guide:

  1. Download the ParkMan app
  2. When you park, open ParkMan
  3. Select where you park on the map in the ParkMan app
  4. Start parking at the touch of a button
  5. When you return to the car, stop the parking.

Cheaper than a parking meter

In addition to the parking fee, ParkMan charges a small service fee. But compared to a traditional parking meter, the consumer saves money because they only pay for the parking time used. The challenge for street parking and parking meters has generally been that the consumer pays too much “just in case”.

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ParkMan is a Finnish parking application company founded in 2011 with operations in six European countries. We employ 23 people. Our head office is located in Helsinki. Our net sales in 2020 were MEUR 3,4.