We’ve got some news about exciting new partnerships that we’ve recently set up in one of our key markets, Denmark! We are thrilled to introduce the cooperation with each one of the great companies and give you an even better overall experience with us! In addition, summer is coming, and so is holiday season. ParkMan is right there with all the summer travellers, and below you can also read more about that.

Offers for ParkMan users at Q8 stations

Q8 gas stations in Denmark have joined ParkMan in a cooperation that covers all of their Danish service points. Q8 has a steady presence in Denmark covering nearly all cities, so to get the benefits, one doesn’t need to look far.

Q8 and ParkMan together offer a free parking up to 100 DKK for all new users of ParkMan. The free parking applies to one parking session, and if it exceeds the 100 DKK time cap, the rest will be paid by the parking customer, respectively. Additionally, Q8 has changing offers exclusively for ParkMan users at their stations, such as discounts on products or services – stay tuned!

Read the success story that explains why and how Copenhagen successfully digitalized all parking.

This partnership does not only benefit Danes, but also anyone travelling to Denmark by car. Q8s are very frequent in the country, so when driving around, it’s definitely useful to have a ParkMan account in your pocket!

Movon offers flexible car leasing, and a ParkMan flyer inside

Movon has created a brand new car leasing concept in Denmark, and ParkMan is already onboard too. Movon allows customers to change vehicles on a short notice. The idea behind is great: driving needs change rapidly, so people should be able to change to another car accordingly. Users are able to change to another car and leasing plan within a 24-hour span when needed. The leasing agreement includes perks such as summer tyres, insurance, service and one free car wash monthly.

We are now in cooperation with Movon to offer the users a free parking when they start using ParkMan. The information is on a flyer in each car, so when starting a leasing agreement, you will find the promo code in the vehicle.

A new generation’s moving services from Gloove – and a free parking

Gloove is a new moving company that, instead of offering the traditional “man with a van” package, has more flexible moving help options for its customers. The company has an array of freelancers, mostly students, that come over and help with packing, lifting, carrying, driving and any other moving needs you might have, all with a flat hourly rate and the time and place you agree.

The way the ParkMan cooperation works with Gloove is that when you hire someone to help you move, before the agreed time you will receive a phone reminder, and in that reminder a promo code for one free parking worth up to 100 DKK and to be used in one session. The offer applies to new users of ParkMan. Moving and parking are both notoriously really frustrating activities, so with Gloove you can kill two birds with one stone!

Summer season reminder: use ParkMan also with motorcycles, caravans and campers

Summer is approaching, and so are heatwaves, holidays and travels. When you’re on the road, you can use ParkMan at your stops in all places where we are operating. Even if you’re not driving a passenger car but instead cruising on a motorcycle, or road tripping with a camper, you can still use ParkMan in the same way!

The international Motorrad magazine published a list of the 5 best apps for motorcycling season, and ParkMan is of course right there. Check out the article from the Danish edition and start crafting your travel plan!

P.S. In case you missed what else we’ve already been up to this year, go read our previous update!

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