Did you ever forget purchasing a parking ticket from the payment machine? Have you struggled with those barrier gates at the parking lots?  Imagine rushing for a meeting, and the machine stops functioning. 

If you’ve experienced any of the above, then here is some excellent news for all ParkMan users!

Today, we are pleased to announce a significant collaboration that will make parking a smooth experience in garages around Finland.

Wait. What collaboration? And what does it mean for ParkMan users?

We at ParkMan are excited to announce a collaboration with EuroPark that allows ParkMan users to use their Autopay system in most of EuroPark’s parking garages. Autopay provides an automatic number plate recognition system that makes parking at garages fast and easy.

It works the same way as in street parking:
Driver enters the parking garage
  1. Park your car
    You don’t need to stop at barrier gates when you enter the garage, and no ticket is required. The license plate is automatically registered while driving to the garage.
Driver pays with the ParkMan mobile app

2. Open ParkMan to pay
Start your parking with the ParkMan app.

Driver leaves the parking garage

3. The parking will stop automatically once you leave the garage
Just drive out. The app will automatically stop charging once you drive out of the garage, and you will receive a push notification. If you don’t remember to use ParkMan, you will get an invoice from EuroPark instead.

Where will it be available?

This new user experience is available in EuroPark parking facilities in Helsinki, Turku, Joensuu, Kerava, Rovaniemi, and Espoo. The integration is making parking smoother and user-friendlier than ever before.

Pretty exciting, isn’t it?

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