At ParkMan, our primary focus is to make parking easier, so drivers have fewer things to stress about while on the road. We have been working on ParkMan for Business to make business parking even easier for companies!

The new features provide a better user administration experience and better reporting for companies. Now, ParkMan for Business will be more flexible and customizable. We believe that with these changes, we’ll solve problems larger companies face when reporting and managing parking. 

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Improvements for small, medium and large businesses.

The new features are intended for business users. By business users, we mean companies who have multiple employees that need parking for their job. We have added the following features to ParkMan for Business: 

Whitelisting of cars

Now you can specify what vehicles are allowed to be parked at the company’s expense. 

Better user administration

You can now place your employees into groups in the ParkMan system. Want to track your sales team’s parking and your engineering team’s parking on separate receipts? – now you can. 

Advanced invoicing

You can now add detailed information to invoices. It’s possible to add cost centers for employees and comments for each parking which will be on the invoice and reporting. In Finland, we are currently using the Finvoice 3.0, which is the newest EU-standard invoice model. 

In addition, the user interface of the company dashboard for admins has been updated. These new features facilitate parking management for companies with more complex requirements in reporting and user management. 

Making business parking more customizable

Business users can now have multiple groups and assign different admins for specific groups. In addition, they can have separate invoicing addresses for each group. This feature supports larger companies to come on board as well as automating accounting payables processes. Furthermore, one can administrate users and manage groups without the help of customer care! It’s a remarkable advantage we can offer compared to many other business parking services.

What about existing ParkMan for Business users?

In case you are already a business user, don’t worry! You’ll get to enjoy all the new perks as well. The company management dashboard has been upgraded with all the new features mentioned above. 

We have a dedicated customer care team for our company users to help them every step along the way! Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Interested in trying it out? You can sign up for free. Check the ParkMan for Business webpage for more information.

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