It’s been a while, but we’re back! We have been working hard all summer long, and now the fall has brought with it some very exciting news: Starting from the 24th of September, ParkMan’s parking app has been launched in the city of Oslo, Norway. The app that enables finding a parking spot and paying for parking with the smartphone can now be used in all the parking zones in Oslo. 

As always, ParkMan aims to make the traditionally laborious parking experience as easy and swift for drivers as possible. “We are very excited to be live in Oslo! Just like everywhere else, we want to offer a sleek app that makes it possible for drivers to spend no more than three seconds for parking their vehicle,” Sven Martinsson, the CEO of ParkMan Norway, explains. “Norwegians know a quality app when they see it, and they have high standards. We are definitely ready to win them over!”

In addition to making drivers’ lives easier, we bring much needed streamlining for the city parking with our provider tools that enable digital parking management, enforcement and pricing control. “Our vision is to improve the parking industry as a whole, so that drivers and parking providers can communicate without friction. We already know that a well-adopted parking app brings significant benefits for city mobility, sustainability and user experience, and that’s really what we want to see in Oslo too.”

An open market for mobile solutions ensures user happiness

Unlike many cities that still rely on the traditional model of putting out a public tender in order to decide on a mobile solution, Oslo has chosen another way. This is the first time Oslo opens the market for many parking providers at once. This means that customers get to pick whichever they feel is the best service, and they don’t have to use just one service that the city is offering. “Oslo did a really smart thing here. Letting different solutions compete for users gives incentive to develop services that really work. This ultimately leads to happy users and a state of the art parking service,” Martinsson says. The open market strategy facilitates the innovation and adoption of software services by reducing bureaucracy, and can contribute to the general integration of smarter city solutions.  

In the future, Oslo hopes to adopt a full digital parking process where parking meters become a thing of the past. “Digitalization is the reality in all industries, including parking. Software makes parking more environmentally friendly and cost effective, and allows for a more seamless parking strategy in the city,” Martinsson concludes. “Oslo’s progressiveness paves way in Norway, and we hope to see this kind of strategy and mindset spread across the whole country in the coming years – just look out for that green P logo wherever you park your car!”

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