Summer’s officially gone, but the year for us in far from over. This fall, ParkMan has again started operating in a brand new market. Starting from Monday the 25th of September 2017, the app is now in use in Klaipeda, Lithuania!

Drivers can now use ParkMan in all parking areas of the city of Klaipeda. ParkMan is the first parking application available in Klaipeda, a beautiful city of 155 000 residents on the coastline of Lithuania. It is the first city in the Baltics to introduce ParkMan – but it won’t be the last.  

Tech-savvy Klaipeda digitalizes its parking experience

In Klaipeda, over 80 % of parking payments are still today made with cash or card. As a comparison, of the parking payments in Helsinki (where also the HQ of ParkMan is situated), already as many as 65 % are made on mobile.

ParkMan’s app brings a new option for parking alongside cash and SMS payments in Klaipeda,” explains Country Manager for Finland and the Baltics, Joakim Nyberg. “As everywhere that ParkMan works, the digital solution allows for releasing resources from hardware maintenance and enforcement costs, and directing them elsewhere.”

“Klaipeda is a great partner for us, because the city has shown interest in technology from the get-go, and has the willingness to start using new mobile solutions,” says Nyberg. By offering ParkMan as an alternative to previous payment methods, the city has a chance to really streamline the user experience of parking.

Klaipeda launched ParkMan parking app
Klaipeda launched ParkMan parking app

Time and money savings for drivers and parking providers alike

Using a parking app gives drivers the opportunity to save time because the whole parking process can be taken care of on the phone. As per usual, the app ultimately also saves money, because payments are minute-based, rather than bulk payments of one hour or 20 minutes, which is the standard with parking meter payments.

For the city, introducing a parking app opens up the opportunity to optimize parts of the parking management, such as collecting and storing parking information digitally rather than manually. Offering a chance to choose between different ways of making parking payments is a sign that the residents’ needs and wants are considered important.

Four new ParkMan markets in 2017

Earlier this year, we launched the ParkMan app in Spain, Italy and the United States. Lithuania is the fourth new market in a short time span, and a proof that there is really a need for a mobile parking solution. Cities are interested in introducing digital solutions that save up resources from hardware maintenance and enforcement, and at the same time bring value for the residents in the form of an improved parking experience.

We are very excited to be live in Lithuania and the beautiful city of Klaipeda. We see it as the beginning of a lasting cooperation, and as the Baltics are one of the fastest growing European areas in tech, the goal is have ParkMan available in as large a part of it as possible in the future. Stay tuned!

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