After successfully conquering terrain in Europe, ParkMan has made the big leap across the ocean and achieved the ultimate milestone: as of May 2017, we have our first client in the U.S.

Needless to say, we are absolutely stoked! Jumping onto a whole new continent is a massive deal, and it’s a process that we are more than excited to share now that it’s happening. We have arrived in the United States!

Third country launched in 4 months

The U.S. is the sixth country that the ParkMan app can now be used in, and the third country we launch in since the beginning of 2017 (we launched in Italy and Spain earlier in the year). In May, the first ParkMan supported lot has seen daylight in Denver, and already after the first few days car drivers started using the Parkman app. Just like in Europe, our parking app helps drivers find a vacant parking space and pay for parking with the smartphone.

The U.S. market is, however, quite different from the European market, where we’ve been operating so far. What distinguishes the American market is the number of off-street parking owned by private parking operators. On-street, city-owned spots are much more scarce. Valet parking is another thing that’s very common in the States but less so in Europe.  

“It’s clear that different countries have their differences, but what they have in common is the need for software that makes parking easier,” says Patrick Kongsbak, the CEO of ParkMan USA. “We are prepared to respond to the needs of the U.S. market in the same way that we have done in Europe, and our service offers added value not only for parking companies, but for car drivers as well.”

Parking tech to support parking providers, not to replace them

“We want to offer parking companies improved ways of doing the things they already do, not to remove or disrupt those things,” continues Patrick. “We discuss with parking experts constantly to make sure that we can give them what they want, and help them avoid what they don’t want. Everything that running a parking company consists of – opening new areas, pricing, payments, communicating to drivers – we strive to make all those things as easy and cost-effective as possible for our partners.”

ParkMan parking app helps find and pay for parking in Denver
Setting up ParkMan signs in Denver

Just like in Europe, the driving trend is technology and apps are increasingly used for everything from transportation to ordering food. ParkMan’s goal is to be the app that helps parking providers communicate with their customers in a much more user-friendly way. Very much like Uber allows people with cars to communicate with prospective passengers, ParkMan allows parking providers to find and connect with new customers.

Local parking operators welcome this change warmly: “Every provider that we talk to is excited about the prospect of making the parking experience better.”

ParkMan continues to grow with more than 100% every year

With teams in Denmark, Finland and now the United States, we’re on a fast-track towards improving the parking industry, and it’s great to see that it’s being embraced on both sides of the Atlantic.

This is only the start, though. “We are in talks with several providers right now, and we are looking forward to helping each and every one of them make their parking areas work as smoothly as possible, both for them as operators as well as of course the drivers that use the lots,” Patrick explains. “The response has been really positive and it’s only a matter of getting things rolling. ParkMan will soon be available in more and more places in the States.”

It’s fundamentally just about doing the same things as before, just online and more cost-efficiently. As Patrick puts it: “The appeal of ParkMan is simple: if there’s a chance to change parking for the better, who wouldn’t take it?

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