We would like to inform you of some changes that are happening in our service.

Added security
A new piece of EU regulation called PSD2, short for Payment Services Directive Two, came into effect back in September 2019. The point of PSD2 is to make online and mobile payments even more secure than before, which of course, is a good thing! There were still some technical limitations for banks and payment processors alike to work on, and the regulation will come into full effect on the 1st of January 2021.

How does it affect ParkMan?
Come January, adding and updating your payment card in the ParkMan service, as well as other online services and apps, will be accompanied by an additional step. This new step is called Strong Customer Authentication and is a way for the bank to verify it is actually you as the cardholder adding the payment card into ParkMan. You would only have to do this strong verification once. How it is done depends on your bank, but the verification request will pop up after you enter the card details into the service. In many cases, the verification works in the same or a similar way as when you log in to your online banking.

Please note! If updating your payment card fails, please do not remove the card from the application. You will still be able to use the service as long as the card is attached to your profile, and can try to update the card again later. We are working together with the banks to fix any technical limitations still present.

What’s next?
We want this switchover to go as smoothly as possible, and have updated our FAQ with a small guide. We have also activated this new verification process in the service already, for you to be able to verify your card right away and enjoy smooth sailing and safe automated charging in the future as well.

If you have any questions about this new regulation or how the verification process works, your bank will have extensive information available on their website and can also answer most questions via their customer service. If you have any ParkMan specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via one of our channels.