We at ParkMan are excited to ring in the new year with some great news in Denmark! We are happy to announce an exciting partnership with Simplyture, known for its intelligent and innovative parking management solutions. 

Here is how our integration with Simplyture will help us provide the best parking experiences to our consumers in Denmark.

Parking made easier, faster and effortless

Simplyture uses a license plate recognition system combined with intelligent software to automatically register visitors. Apart from this, they provide opportunities for smart communication from the moment a customer enters the parking facility until they leave. 

Simplyture and ParkMan have entered into an agreement that combines Simplyture’s Parking Management Platform with ParkMan’s Mobile parking and payment platform. This integration allows us to work with any parking operator using the Simplyture Platform. 

How does it work?

ParkMan users can now drive into a parking area operated by Simplyture and automatically pay for parking via the ParkMan app, making parking easy and straightforward.

The Simplyture system reads the vehicle's license plate

1. Entering the parking area

When the car driver enters the parking area, the Simplyture system reads the vehicle’s license plate. 

Pay with ParkMan

2. Payment

A notification is sent to the ParkMan system allowing the car driver to see and administer the parking and payment in the ParkMan mobile app.

Leaving the parking area

3. Leaving the parking area

The transaction is automatically finalized when the license plate is recognized as the driver exits the parking area. The user gets a notification. 

Simplyture brings great value to landlords and parking operators

Simpliture is growing in popularity among both landlords and parking operators because it offers an open, future-proof system. Moreover, consumers can choose what parking app to use, and parking operators are not dependent on a single payment provider. Rather than relying on one system provider, the operator and landlord can negotiate better terms with multiple payment apps and ensure that innovation continues.

Jonas Ørting, CEO of Simplyture says,

We are thrilled to introduce our newest collaboration with ParkMan! ParkMan is one of the leading parking payment apps on the market, with a beautiful and simple user interface. At Simplyture our biggest goal is to simplify mobility and the collaboration with ParkMan does just that.” 

Matias Lindroos, CEO at ParkMan further added,

We think collaborations like these will become more popular in the future. Landlords and parking operators will require modular, future-proof systems through collaborations, rather than relying on just one company to do everything ” 

In the future, when a car driver wants to pay for parking through their car-dashboard, they can integrate to Simplytures API. Parking operators and landlords can allow consumers to pay for parking through any digital channel of their choice. This approach will prepare the landlord and parking operator for the future, allowing the operator to be in a powerful position. 

Stay parked!

Simplyture and ParkMan will also be working together in Finland and other Nordic countries in the near future. So stay tuned for more updates from us!

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