How do you get new customers to find your parking lot? More importantly, how do you attract valuable, loyal users so they keep coming back for parking at your parking lots? We have had many great discussions with our parking provider partners, and are excited to announce the release of a new feature that will help parking providers attract new customers to their lots- the ParkMan vouchers feature. 

This post explains how to use ParkMan vouchers to acquire new car drivers and bring loyal customers to your parking lots. 

Step one: Choose the audience to receive a parking voucher

Our parking operator partners and landlords can now target digital parking vouchers to car drivers who are looking for parking near their garages. It is a type of GEO-location marketing. ParkMan collects information about a car driver’s search history, parking locations and usage patterns. We let you (our partner) target users that are highly relevant to your parking business.

Step two: Distribute the vouchers to car drivers

Our platform will show you how many car drivers you can reach, and you can choose to distribute the vouchers only to highly relevant users. You decide the budget and the expiry dates of the campaigns. 

Step three: Measure the results

When people park in your garage using the voucher, they are likely to do so because of the discounted parking they have received. But, will they remain loyal to your garage after? We keep track of the users and show you exactly how much revenue each customer brings, so you can get a great return on your investment. 

Still not sure? Contact us to try it out!

We are happy to let you know how many users you can reach right away. Just let us know what parking garages you would like to promote, and we will help you achieve your goals.