As 2016 is drawing to a close, we want to take a moment to look back on what ParkMan has achieved during the last 12 months and, even more importantly, what great things lie ahead as we welcome in the new year.

Summing up our year 2016, there’s one word that describes it best: growth. Both our user base as well as our company have grown significantly during this year, and we have conducted awesome plans for developing our app further and spreading the ParkMan love into new areas in 2017 as well!

New areas have joined ParkMan

During the year 2016, ParkMan seen huge growth when it comes to parking areas and cities that motorists can park in using our app. Not only have our existing areas such as our biggest market, the Danish capital Copenhagen, gained a lot of new users during the year, but we have also started operating in many new areas. In Denmark ParkMan currently operates in almost all cities, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the growth continue into the year 2017.

In spring 2016, we launched ParkMan in the Swedish capital Stockholm, and we are looking forward to introducing our service countrywide. In our “native” Finland we’ve opened up our service in Kuopio, Rovaniemi and Jyväskylä as well as many privately owned parking areas. We are excited to be able to offer cities improved parking management tools, and to be available for more and more motorists in more cities all the time.

We have also established the first partnerships with electric car rentals in Finland and Denmark.

Our company has welcomed plenty of new talent

One of the most awesome things in 2016 has been our company’s transformation from a five-person company into a 23-person group of talented developers, account managers, marketers and customer support specialists. This increase in personnel has naturally led to other changes such as our cool new office space in the center of Helsinki, as well as just a generally amazing team of people all excited to work together to bring ParkMan to the next level.

During 2016, we’ve put a lot of resources especially into our international growth, the results of which will be seen in action during the year 2017 (we’re very excited about those!). Our country managers have established partnership with many different stakeholders, and we are delighted to see so many people and cities interested in our vision of offering everyone the chance to find and pay for parking in three seconds.

We continue to develop the best possible parking app for our users

We have worked very hard on ensuring an increasingly awesome and easy user experience for all the drivers using ParkMan. For instance, one of the new features that we introduced this year is a smart reminder to end parking from the app when a driver arrives back at the car. It’s a good example of the user-first approach that we execute in all our planning.

Our product development plan for the starting year 2017 is incredibly exciting. We are introducing a lot of new features that will make our end-users and partners enjoy ParkMan even more. All of our efforts go into developing things that serve our users in the best possible way and offer them features that make the parking experience the easiest possible, whether it be for a driver or for a parking provider. We believe in the intuitiveness of technology, and continue to develop our vision of completely stress-free parking with that as our key value. Going into the new year, our developer team of experts is stronger than ever and great results can be expected.

ParkMan grows alongside the increase of mobile and smart city solutions

All over the world, parking is becoming more and more dependent on mobiles, and rightfully so: parking meters and parking signs are being replaced with means that are much easier for both drivers as well as parking management. ParkMan is at the forefront of that change towards smarter, greener and more accessible cities.

This year has been a great one, and 2017 will be even more exciting for us – and more importantly, for our partners and the users of ParkMan. See you next year!

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