An empty parking lot is your worst nightmare.

Through discussions with our most loyal clients, we have realized that parking companies have three major problems:

  • Whenever you have an empty lot, you want to fill it quickly. Drivers, however, have a hard time finding the parking lot. Parking companies want to grow their occupancy rates and maximize turnover and revenue.
  • Parking payments are mostly so-called micro transactions. As a result, processing fees end up being a very large percentage of your revenue (up to 30% in some cases).
  • Just like all businesses, parking companies want to give their customers the best possible user experience. However, parking companies know very little about their customers, and have no way of reaching out to them and offering them special deals or loyalty points.

ParkMan is a digital parking solution that helps you solve all of these problems: more revenue, happier customers and easy, cost-effective payments. Mobile parking management has never been better.

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