Much of the discussion around parking focuses on the user and the user’s parking experience. That is, however, only half of the equation when solving today’s parking problems. Another big issue that the parking industry faces in transitioning to an online parking environment is enforcement. Today’s enforcement practices are widely inconsistent and inefficient.

There are hundreds of different enforcement methods, tools and technologies utilized by cities and parking providers. Present day enforcement technologies are human-capital intensive, costly and outright inefficient. They support an infrastructure-heavy parking environment, hindering innovation and consistency in the parking industry.

The industry is changing, and there’s great potential for better parking enforcement

We are very aware that an innovative parking revolution will not happen overnight. The parking industry is transitioning from being capital-driven to tech-driven, and there will be no “snap of the finger” solution. That being said, you need to be making decisions that will support where you believe the industry will be 15 years from now.

You need to start investing in technology that can both operate alongside current infrastructure, but also maximize the potential of future parking technology. Ask yourself, “will parking move online in the next 15 years or will it remain stagnant?” If you share our opinion, it will be moving online and you need to be ready.

The ParkMan solution works in the present and in the future

Our app may seem simple on the surface (it should, that is how it was designed). You can rest assured, though, that a large amount of complex thought went into designing the app. We have created a technology that not only operates efficiently in current market conditions (pay-and-display, physical observation, enforcement by spot, etc.) but was also designed to fully support future technological innovations (license plate recognition, automatic scanning, enforcement by vehicle, etc.). This is a critical difference between us and many “traditional pay-by-phone” companies who have only focused on the industry as it exists today, without a forward-looking mindset.

Enforcement should not be the bottleneck to parking innovation in your city, which is why you need to invest in a flexible solution that works well now and thrives in the future.

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Main photo by “JOHN LLOYD” from Flickr /CC